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Espar Climate Control Systems is a leader in the North American market as a provider of optimum temperature control for mobile applications. With every product, Espar strives to bring you innovative, reliable, and environmentally friendly solutions. Together with parent company Eberspaecher, Espar brings 150 years expertise to the marketplace as well as worldwide product support. Download our all market brochure to view our wide range of products and services or visit our website.


Airtonic D2, D5, D5 Air Heaters

Espar’s Airtronic line of air preheaters offer powerful heating for the cab or compartment of a variety of vehicles. They are especially suited for cab and sleeper heat in class 8 trucks, workshop vehicles, freight compartments and interior heat in general.

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Airtonic NG Commercial Natural Gas Heater

Espar’s Airtronic NG Commercial preheater is one of the first natural gas powered air preheaters to enter the marketplace. Units are low maintenance, high output and environmentally friendly, offering the ideal solution to CNG powered vehicles van-sized or larger.

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Bus Air Conditioning

Espar’s product family offers extremely adaptable heating, ventilation, and air conditioning solutions for city buses, intercity buses, motorcoaches, and school buses. Espar Air Conditioning Solutions can fit on any bus roof, regardless of model configuration.

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Espar Climate Control Systems offers a powerful lineup of controllers designed to optimize the use of Espar’s air or coolant preheaters. Using the EasyStart timer, Digi-Max D1000, Multi-Max F1000 or Multi-Max F2000, you can quickly and conveniently pre-set operations or adjust settings on the go.

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Echo Cargo Heater

Espar’s new ECHO cargo heaters maintain cargo temperatures in van and trailer bodies without using engine heat. This means you can protect your perishable goods from cold temperatures and frost damage independent of your engine function.

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E-Guardian School Bus Heaters

With the E-Guardian Plus heater system, Espar Climate Control Systems brings state-of-the-art technology to the school bus market. The E-Guardian Plus D5 and M-II units are specially designed to provide powerful preheating and auxiliary internal heat for bus applications.

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Grip Idle Management

Grip Idle Manage

The GRIP Idle Management System is a controller for all applications created to manage the time your vehicle spends idling. By using the GRIP System, you can: save fuel, reduce carbon emissions, reduce operation and engine maintenance, and extend the life of your engine.

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Hydronic D5 Coolant Heater

Hydronic D5

Espar’s Hydronic D5 independent auxiliary coolant heaters offer affordable preheating and supplemental heating for passenger vehicles, class 7 and 8 trucks, off-road equipment, boats, and buses.



Hydronic L-II Coolant Heater

Hydronic L2

Espar’s Hydronic L-II series are for the largest coaches, buses, and off-road engines. These heaters provide engine, fuel, and hydraulic preheat and can be incorporated into the vehicle’s heating system for supplemental heat.

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Hydronic M-II Coolant Heater

hydronic M2

Espar’s Hydronic M-II series of heaters is powerful, compact, and lightweight, making it ideal for providing engine, fuel, and hydraulic preheating. Suitable applications include large vehicles, off-highway equipment, buses, and boats.

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Mobile Flex-Cool Portable Refrigeration

Mobile Flex Cool

Espar’s Mobile Flex-Cool compressor-driven freezing and cooling containers are the flexible, convenient solution for the transport of perishable goods while still maintaining health and safety standards. Units are durable and are easy to install or move from application to application, eliminating the need and cost of a reefer unit.

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